Beautiful Sinks & Faucets by Eclipse

The perfect final touch to our custom granite and quartz countertops are these stunning sinks and faucets from Eclipse. In the popular stainless, brushed stainless and ceramic for vanities with several different designs with single, double and even triple bowls, there's a sink for every countertop.

Choosing the right sinks starts with understanding the difference in steel. Higher quality sinks are made with 304 18 gauge 18/10 stainless steel. In metals, the lower the gauge number the thicker and more durable the steel. The 18/10 number is the chrome/nickel content of the steel. This is very important to the luster and corrosion resistance of the steel. The highest quality sinks are manufactured with 304 16 gauge 18/10 steel.

Eclipse faucets are crafted of solid, cast 304 18/10 stainless steel, unlike most faucets. You want a faucet that will provide years of beauty and worry-free functionality. You deserve an Eclipse.